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Increasing Reliability & Reducing Customer Maintenance Costs...

  • Overhaul

No Fault Found Solutions

  • Testing

  • Inspection

  • Repair

Wire Harness & Interface Test Assemblies

  • Modification

Air Agency Certificate, Star Aviation, Inc

Air Agency Certificate

Star Aviation, Inc is an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Approved Repair Station, with a Limited Accessory Rating... Wire Harnesses & Battery Power Supplies


Star Aviation, Inc is Approved by the European Aviation Safety Administration (EASA)

SAI Ops Spec

Star Aviation, Inc's FAA issued Operation Specifications (OpSpecs)

12479 Star Aviation Inc. (integrated AS9

ISO | AS Certificate

Star Aviation, Inc's ISO 9001-2015 | AS9110C and AS9100D Certification

Electronic Wire Interconnect System Reliability Solution Center

Wire Harnesses... Inspect, test, repair, overhaul, MOD

Interface Test Assemblies... coming soon

Intermittent Fault Diagnostics...inspecttest, repair

Star Aviation is the world first and only full service Electronic Wire Interconnect System (EWIS) "Solution Center". Our 5120 Channel Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System provides us with the capablility of addressing intermittent faults which perpetuate the "No Fault Found (NFF)" problem and cost the industry billions annually.


We Build QUALITY and RELIABILITY into all of our Wire Harnesses and Interface Test Assemblies (ITA's),


Our solutions based testing and repair eliminate intermittent faults in harnesses, electronics racks, LRU back-planes and more...

Goshen, Kentucky | | +1-502-241-3072

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