Star Aviation puts quality first and provides value-added solutions to reduce No Fault Found, increase MTBUR and reduce repetitive maintenance costs associated with premature removals.

Star Aviation offers quality wire harness manufacturing, repairs, sale of overhauled wire harnesses, intermittent fault testing to reduce NFF, sale of IFDIS and VFID equipment, and design and manufacture of Interface Test Assemblies (ITAs) for use with our line of intermittent diagnostics equipment. 

Wire Harnesses

    Inspect & Test, Repair

    Overhaul, Modification

Star Aviation has extensive                     for test, repair, overhaul, modification and manufacture of wire harnesses used on Boeing, Air Bus and the full range of military aircraft.


Our equipment and tooling is state-of-the-art to achieve the most accurate fault isolation during evaluation, assembly and testing, and for quality verification of the final product. 


All of our hand tools are from Daniels - DMC to ensure proper disassembly and assembly of each harnesses during the repair process and to avoid damage. Our computerized wire harness assembly boards provide for greater accuracy of assembly and ensure process control during assembly. Additionally, the boards provide for full tracability of materials used in the build process. Crimp integrity of pins, contacts, terminals and splices are verified under magnification to evaluate compression and inclusion of all wire strands within the crimp.

Intermittent Fault Detection Equipment - Sales

The Intermittent Fault Detection system is available in two models:


The portable Voyager Intermittent Fault Detector™ (VIFD™) which is capable of interfacing with 256 or 512 electrical connection points. Custom Interface Test Adaptation (ITA) is sold separately.

The lab Intermittent Fault detection and Isolation System™ (IFDIS™) is capable of interfacing with 256 to 20,000 electrical connection points. The system is used in conjunction with an environmental chamber to simulate operational conditions during test. Custom Interface Test Adaptation (ITA) is sold separately.

Intermittent Fault Detection

   Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)


Star Aviation is the only commercial provider of Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation System (IFDIS™) testing for LRUs which meets the requirements of MIL-PRF 32516, and has been proven to be the only valid solution for the accurate detection, isolation and correction of intermittent faults in electronics.

IFDIS™ has been in use by DOD Depot organizations for several years and to great success. LRUs tested and repaired using IFDIS have seen MTBUR increased by a minimum of 300%, reducing repetitive annual maintenance costs and has provided for the recovery of previously un-repairable assets, saving millions.

Our IFDIS™ test capability is up to 5120 circuits and can be expanded to more than 20,000. Since diagnostics are live on all circuits simultaneously, it ensure that intermittent faults are captured as they occur. We pair system with a Qualmark Typhoon 4.0 Environmental Chamber, to simulate operational condition during test.

Wire Harnesses - Sales & Exchange

Overhauled Wire Harness Resale - In addition to providing quality wire harness repair services, Star Aviation, Inc. also offers it's own wire harness inventory for sale or exchange in overhauled condition. Most wire harnesses on our sales list are on the shelf and ready for shipment. Those that are not currently overhauled, can be made ready for shipment within 10 days or less.

Intermittent Fault Detection

Wire Harnesses - (VIFD) System


Star Aviation also offers a portable intermittent fault detection system that can support testing of 128, 256 or 512 circuits simultaneously. The VIFD™ uses the same technology of our larger system, but is designed for the flexibility of use in either a shop or the field environment.

VIFD™ provides capability to map a wire harnesses circuitry, test for continuity and shorts, all in a matter of seconds. Most importantly, it allows for rapid detection & Isolation of intermittent faults that other test systems are unable to find.

VIFD™ testing ensures that the finished product is reliable and free of intermittencies which could cause operational delays or unnecessary removal of associated equipment.


we are working to implement VIFD™ testing on all wire harness repairs. Currently we offer this specialized service by customer request. 

Interface Test Adapter (ITA) Design & Manufacturing

Interface Test Assembly (ITA) systems are the means by which a Unit Under Test (UUT) is connected to either the (VIFD™) or (IFDIS™) to execute intermittent fault diagnostics.

Based on customer requirements, Star Aviation can design and build a custom ITA for any wire harness or Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). We have capability to provide this service for commercial operators and military weapon systems (aircraft, missles, ground vehicles, etc.

To inquire about ITAs for a specific applications, please use the messaging option on our contact page or call us at: +1 (502)-241-3072