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Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation Systems - IFDIS

IFDIS is scaleable in Modules of 256 Test Points, up to more than 20,000 and can be sold separetely or as a package, with an Environmental Chamber & Shaker Table

Portable Intermittent Fault Detector - IFD

VFID is available in 128, 256 or 512 Test Point configurations

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Interface Test Assemblies - ITA

Our ITAs are made to connect the IFDIS or VFID Test Systems with the unit to be tested


Each ITA is specific to the test subject. When testing LRUs, the active electronics (circuit cards) are removed and replaced with specially designed test cards, which are constructed to closely approximate the fit and weight of the active electronics during flight operations

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Our AWTS Portable IFD ITA provides an easy interface between the Voyager IFD intermittent fault tester and existing AWTS Interfaces

This adaptation provides for rapid integration of the Portable FID tester, without the expense of replacing the existing AWTS ITAs


Overhauled Wire Harnesses

We offer Overhauled Wire Harnesses for sale or exchange wire harnesses

Our overhauled products are of the highest quality and backed by a strong warranty

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