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Star Aviation, Inc.

Obtains ISO 9001-2015,

AS9100D and AS9110C Certifications

Star Aviation, Inc. was audited to the latest standards for ISO 9001-2015, AS9100D and AS9110C by Performance Review Institue (PRI), Registrar in June of 2019 and received certification of compliance to these Quality Standards in August of 2019.

Thanks to the Kentucky Aerospace Industry Consortium for their grant, Tom Ades of Advantage Kentucky Alliance for their consulting services, Mike Drexler the Chief Inspector for Star Aviation, Timothy Phillips our Production Manager, and all of our employees for their cooperation and assistance which made this achievement possible.

Star Aviation, Inc. will soon provide quality design, manufacturing, and we currently provide repair services for aircraft wire harnesses, with a special focus on Engine Electrical Wire Harnesses. Through our partnership with Universal Synaptics, we are also the only commercial MRO with capability to detect, isolate and repair intermittent faults per MIL-PRF 32516.

For more information, please contact Star Aviation, Inc.:






Universal Synaptics Corporation

Partners with Star Aviation, Inc.


Ogden, Utah. January 2012 – Universal Synaptics Corp. announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with Star Aviation, Inc.  Star Aviation is a minority woman owned company that specializes in test and repair of commercial aircraft avionics, aircraft power plant and systems wiring harnesses and lighting.

Star Aviation, Inc. is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved repair station; as well as having been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Star Aviation will provide intermittent fault isolation and related repair services at a fraction of replacement cost for faulty aircraft electrical components. Traditionally, aircraft maintainers have scrapped electrical components where the source of No Fault Found (NFF) / intermittent faults could not be identified and isolated. The Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS) initially available to U.S. and foreign military maintenance operations will now be offered to the commercial aviation industry through the partnership with Star Aviation, Inc.

“Together, Star Aviation and Universal Synaptics can now provide an unbeatable combination of advanced diagnostic capability and related repairs to the commercial aviation industry” said W. David Chambers, Universal Synaptics Corp., President and CEO. “Star Aviation has a solid reputation and history of delivering increased operational effectiveness, unique solutions to tough maintenance challenges and improved safety to the commercial industry, we are delighted to be working with the team of dedicated individuals at Star Aviation.”

Since 1996, Universal Synaptics Corporation, based in Ogden, UT., has been an industry leader in detecting and isolating elusive intermittent faults, and spent years in the "trenches" researching and solving complex diagnostic and testing problems. Their research into the primary root causes of intermittent / No Fault Found (NFF) problems and the massive digital testing void that exists today with conventional scanning test equipment, led to the development of the patented Intermittent Fault Detector (IFD), hardware neural network and all-lines-all-the-time wiring / circuit analyzer test solutions. For more information, please contact Ken Anderson (801) 731-8508. Since 1995, Star Aviation, Inc. based in Crestwood Kentucky, has been committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability in the commercial aviation industry. “As a result of our agreement with Universal Synaptics, we will be the sole domestic provider of these diagnostic capabilities to the commercial airline industry” said Julie Kendall, Star Aviation, Inc. CEO. "It's like having X-Ray Vision, while the competition is Blind-Folded" For more information, please contact Julie Kendall (502) 241-3072.

For more information, please contact Ken Anderson at Universal Synaptics:

801-731-8508  #1

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