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Intermittent Fault Testing

No Fault Found (NFF) results from an intermittent electrical circuit or circuits and is a significant readiness, reliability, safety and cost driver for both military and commercial aircraft operators.

Star Aviation, Inc. has the capability to detect and correct these intermittent faults, using the state-of-the-art Intermittent Fault Detection and Isolation System technology that has been developed by Universal Synaptics.

Our system is the largest in the commercial industry (5120 test circuit capacity) and second in size, only to the system operated by the United States Navy. We have capability to test all Electronic Wire Interconnect Systems (EWIS) from harnesses to Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) that fall within our test circuit capacity.

The IFDIS system is able to detect and isolate intermittent faults for repair which are not detectable with other test equipment, including Automated Test Equipment (ATE) which are functioned based systems. Use of IFDIS has produced substaintial reductions in repetative maintenance costs and has increased Mean Time Between Unscheduled Removal (MTBUR) by 300% or more for test populations.

Please contact us with your specific testing requirements and begin to take advantage of the benefits of IFDIS.

Send us a message from our contact page or call us at +1 (502) 241-3072

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