Interface Test Adapters - ITAs

Figure 1: LRU Populated with ITA Cards

Figure 3: ITA Card Exploded View

Figure 2: MD11 Flight Control Computer ITA

AWTS 256 ASSY_View 14.jpg

Figure 4: VIFD Interface Adapter Cable

An Interface Test Adapter (ITA) is used to connect the specified Unit Under Test (UUT) to the Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS). Each ITA is individually designed and constructed to the specifications required to adapt to the unit to be tested. Each ITA is designed and constructed to simulate the form and fit of all UTT connections (Cards, Front Connectors & Rear Connectors) both internally and externally.

The component parts of a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) ITA are as follows: Virginia Panel Connector(s), 24 gage wire in cables of 100 wire each (as many as required to make all connections), circular front facing connectors, rear facing connector(s), replicas of each circuit card installed in the LRU to interface with the LRU Backplane and a Fixture used to mount the UUT within the environmental chamber.

Star Aviation requires one GOLD LRU for development of an ITA and a total of three to validate the ITA design and develop Test Protocols that will be used to perform intermittent fault diagnostics of the selected UUT. The design and manufacturing process takes between 3 and 12 months, depending upon complexity, which is function of the total number of circuits to be tested and the number of variations of the active circuitry (Circuit Cards - CCAs) within the LRU.

The cost of an ITA is a function of engineering (design) time, sourcing and acquisition time for component parts, the cost of parts and their delivery, including ITA Cards to that will be installed in place of the active CCAs, assembly time, quality verification of individual parts and the completed assembly, and testing (static & dynamic).

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